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In 1993, Toyota produced arguably the most iconic Japanese sportscars with the best tuner engine, the Toyota Supra MKIV running a 2JZ engine capable of 320hp. Even 26 years after it’s release, it retains it’s title.

As Supra drivers, we feel very uptight starting such a monumental vehicle with the same key as a Toyota Camry.

We were so uninspired, we were inspired to design a simple key that reflects the Supra in it’s simplest form.

The key is solid brass and entirely created with a CNC machine, giving it the perfect finish – worthy of starting your pride and joy.

Supra Key

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All Street Key

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Material: Brass

DESIGN: Supra x Supra
Front: ‘S’ Design
Back: ‘S’ Design

DESIGN: All Street x Supra
Front: ‘S’ Design
Back: ‘All Street’ Logo Design

*Key is blank, ready to be cut*


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Supra x Supra, Supra x All Street