1971 KGC10 GT Coupe

Car Details
Kilometres 45000 km
Fuel type 98 Octane
Engine L28 Straight Six
Transmission Manual (5-speed)
Drive RWD
Interior Color Black and Red
Exterior Color Silver
Registered N/A
History N/A
Stock id hakosuka
Seller Note

Owners note:

If you’re asking…”why?”…well after 12 years of ownership and restoration, it’s time to move onto something else that I’ve always wanted. It’s time to let the car go to someone new who will feel the same fire and commitment that I used to.

The car deserves a new custodian, and it’s not fair for me to hoard it to myself anymore.

So without further ado…

Engine – 2.9L bore-up:

  • 11:1 ART pistons
  • headwork by Knight Engines (big valves, reshaped chambers and ports)
  • 302 degree Wade cam
  • triple 40DCOE Webers
  • Redline manifold
  • Trust headers
  • MSD6A and Coil with Skyline electronic distributor
  • triple row enlarged radiator
  • Kameari Engine Works oil pickup
  • lightened flywheel
  • Nismo 3 puck sprung brass clutch
  • 250hp@6700rpm
  • 14.1@102mph for qtr mile.


  • Koni front coilovers
  • 255lb springs
  • Datsport camber tops
  • Techno Toy Tuning adjustable radius rods
  • Victory50 steering rods
  • New bushes and alignment adjusters
  • Endless pads on stock discs


  • Rubber-Soul custom shortened GAB 8-way adjustable shocks
  • Datsport 510 race springs
  • 2-way 4.4:1 LSD
  • Stewart Wilkins stub axles
  • Endless brake shoes on stock drums.


  • Becker Europa 1972 vintage head unit
  • Vintage Pioneer TSX-09 pod speakers (all modified with AUX-input for phone)
  • New gear lever surround, gaiter
  • Window winders
  • All interior rubbers
  • 2000GT-R radio blanking plate
  • Genuine vintage Nismo Compe steering wheel


  • 14×7.5-4 Watanabe 8-spoke
  • 14×10.5-25 Watanabe R-Type
  • 2000GT-R replica chinspoiler and boot wing
  • Flares on all 4 arches

There is way more to mention, the full build thread with all work done is here:

Car has been featured in many car magazines: Super Street, 2 magazine covers, Speedhunters, and many Youtubes with views of over 700k. Build thread on various forums has 1.6million views, and it’s won lots of awards at car shows.

Here’s some youtubes so you can see the car a bit better:

The car has been dead reliable, was used as a daily driver for many years and has racked up 45,000km since the 2007-2009 restoration. You can track it, take it on a 2000km roadtrip, sit in summer traffic…it’s rock solid, just turn the key and go.

USD$110,000, FOB Sydney Australia