What countries do you ship to & how long does it take?

We can ship to any country with a port!

Shipping time and pricing varies depending on the country and port you are importing into and whether you are importing Via RORO (Roll on, Roll off) or in a shipping container.

Send us a message with your location and closest port for a shipping quote. 

What cars are legal to import?

Depending on where you are from, you may have different restrictions surrounding vehicle imports.

We have inventory stocked and ready for sale as well as access to a variety of vehicles that may not yet be listed on the public market.

If we have not listed a car you searching for, send us a message as there is a high chance we can get it into our inventory.

For example, the import law in the USA is as follows:

“The day a car reaches its 25th birthday, it’s legally allowed to pass customs clearance in the United States with no restrictions. Happy Birthday older cars! Your present is no inspections whatsoever!

There are only two hurdles to the 25 year rule. The state where your import car is going may require modifications for safety items to receive a tag and registration. And in the state of California, older cars mandate stricter emission requirements for all cars manufactured after 1975.”USA Customs Clearance

What do I need to import a car?
  • A dream
  • A communication device
  • An email, phone number, ID & address
  • Money to fulfill the purchase
  • A customs broker
  • Someone to pinch you when you recieve your car
What payment options are available?

We understand the anxiety associated with surrendering hard earned dollars. It is our priority that you are well-informed and are comfortable to spend your money with us.

To ensure this, we have various secure payment portals available to make transactions where everything is invoiced and recorded legally.

Our preferred method of payment is secure through PayPal or Transfer Wise.

Can I import a shell?

Importing a shell can be slightly more complex than importing a fully complied and running vehicle as there are more regulations surrounding its condition, however it is completely possible. 

Are you legit?

We are a fully licensed exporter and motor dealer.

Motor Vehicle Dealers License MD073004

ABN 97 630 140 484

Where are you located?

We are located in New South Wales, Australia!

Do you ship to the USA?


We can ship to any port in the USA.

How long is Shipping to the USA?

Our exports spend an average of three months on-board the journey to the USA. Although the delivery is slightly lengthier than that of Japan’s, Australian exports are low competition and don’t even come into 98.5% of the USA’s imports, meaning you don’t have to enter a bidding war to win the car. This makes the whole process easier and hassle-free, making it worth the wait

RORO on average takes around 2 months.

Container sea freight is usually around 35 days.

Do you ship to Canada?

The answer is yes, we are able to ship to Canada, however the cost of shipping is slightly more expensive.

Send us a message with your location and closest port for a shipping quote. 

How do I title my import?

Your car is eligible for a new title in the USA after your customs broker has cleared in landing and inspected it.

All necessary documents including Australian registration, proof of purchase and historical records will be sent to yourself to present to your broker, who has the authority to present is to customs.

Can you store cars until they are ready to import?

We offer secure storage for vehicles labelled as Special Exception.

Special Exceptions are generally not old enough to meet the import restrictions but exist for serious buyers who are willing to commit to the storage of a vehicle up until the time it is ready to export.

Do you sell parts?

We sell a range of brand new, genuine Toyota parts in our SHOP.

If you are importing a car from us, you may choose to have the parts fit by one of our service facilities prior to departure, or have them arrive in the same container.

What is a customs broker?

customs broker is a licensed professional who specialises in clearing imported cargo on your behalf with customs – and is essentially the middleman of the operation. They are aware of all the laws and regulations required to submit a ‘Customs Entry’, complying and certifying your car. We have various trusted agents across the globe, but you may choose to select your own.




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