irelands only 1a1 supra

An extraordinary tale of an Irishman’s luck. 

Recently, the image below has been circulating on social media. It’s a Craigslist ad for a USD$3,500 Supra. 

Pretty shocking, we know.

Despite what the ad suggests, we have uncovered it to be a scam or a stunt, with the true owner stepping forward to claim his street cred.  Infact, the car is nowhere near the USA, but is in Ireland.

Back in 2018, Steve Brady was blessed with an Irishman’s luck. 

It seemed to be an ordinary day on-the-job for Steve, delivering packages as a courier in Dublin. What would be a routine run, would change forever as he pulled up to a garage that usually had its roller door down. As he got out of his car to hand over the delivery, he approached the unit and  among stacks of old furniture and boxes, he saw a headlight he had recognised in a game he used to play.

“Uh, is that a Supra?” Just kidding, that bit didn’t happen. But it should have.


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Coated in a cloud of dust, the Supra had been forgotten and left to sit – having not seen the light of day for 15 years.

Speaking to the previous owner revealed that it had only done 113,000 kilometres and was a genuine 1993 Anthracite (1A1) that came wingless, and with a manual transmission – and was the only genuine Anthracite Supra in Ireland.

Happy to have his space back, the owner let it go to Stevo for an absolute steal.

We can’t disclose how much, but just use your imagination – keeping in mind this man is blessed.

The next set of images is the night he picked up the car up from the unit. Indeed, it cleaned up brilliantly, with the OEM standards that collectors froth at the mouth over. 


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In his ownership, he has put the Supra through minor restoration – opting for a fresh respray, installing new headlights, and replacing it’s badges, eblems, and seals. 

To complete the look and give the Supra a lower and fuller profile, he swapped out his OEM 16-inch wheels for the OEM 17-inch staggered wheels on HSD coilovers, and also installed an MVP front lip.  


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With no other plans for the car, Stevo enjoys it as a weekender and is incredibly happy with how it is, as it sits. The images below are the most recent – from the day he picked it up from paint in July. 

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Q&A with Stevo

What has been your biggest challenge with the car?

The biggest challenge was getting it to a point where I was happy with the level of cleanliness. I’m very fussy.

Why did you want it when you saw it? Are you a car guy?

I originally bought it as a quick flip – wash it and sell it. I was mid restoration of my second Nissan Skyline R34 four-door. But having thought about it, the Supra always had more appeal than a four-door Skyline. I’m a huge JDM car guy – this is my current four-door.


I’m 36 now so had lot of the cooler stuff when I was younger. I had the Altezza at 21, S15 Spec R at 22 , JZX100 chaser at 23, and my first R34 four-door – a black one making 480BHP. I’ve also had various drift cars.

Did the previous owner tell you anything interesting about it, why was it left sitting for 15 years? 

The owner originally back in 2001 wanted a Jaguar XK8 but couldn’t afford one, and thought the Supra was a similar looking shape – so bought it based on that. He had a child and thought he would keep the supra for a weekend car and never got around to using it.

What is it like to own a Supra?
Owing a Supra is interesting. I personally don’t get all the current hype around them and I don’t see the value in them that they currently have – but for me its just a nice weekend cruiser. It turns heads and grabs attention everywhere off everyone young and old.

Not everyone can be as lucky as stevo. Be scam aware. Don’t make any payments until you can properly identify the seller and the car.