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Is there a true upgrade from genuine NISMO?

Whilst everyone has been losing their minds over the demand for Toyota Supras, the apex predator has remained humbly at the pinnacle of the JDM food chain. 

We would be talking about the Nissan R34 GT-R, of course.

Just to give you an idea of how much more expensive the GT-R is, as of June 2019, the record price for the Supra stands at AUD$246,800, whilst the most expensive R34 GT-R was sold the year before for AUD$431,000.

By default, this makes Nismo products the king of JDM parts.

If you’re new here, we have recently welcomed the addition of two immaculate Nissan Skyline R34 GT-Rs in Midnight Purple II – 2 of 300.

Check out this video we recently shot with Calan, featuring the GT-R that will be passed onto the owner of LMCT+.

Anyway, you are actually here before us today because we have a confession to make. 

We bought replica NISMO tail lights.

And it felt good. 

Well, we don’t feel guilty.

Before you purists come after us, please hear us out. The price of brand new genuine tail lights are at the peak of the stonk chart – here is a pair we found on eBay. 

    Nismo tail lights can be found in online, usually in Japan or Australia with prices starting from AUD$2500, asking up to AUD$5000 – depending on condition. Like many, we can’t justify that astronomical price. We did however, want the look of brand new tail lights.

    We are no stranger to bespoke and aftermarket lights and have proudly worn multiple sets of the Sniper Rings by Pro Spec Imports on many of our Supras. 

    We are also fans of the custom Adventador style Supra tails by Daniel Man’s Custom Lights and the CarShop Glow set for the R34 GT-R. 

      With that said, we have been impressed before, and are happy to pay for quality work and even try different styles. Especially if it doesn’t have a GT-R tax on it. 

      Like a lot of services these days, we found GDZ Creations on Facebook after seeing positive reviews from other R34 GT-R owners in a forum. Hoping to jump on the bandwagon, we messaged the page and asked for the pricing and more information – $590 to modify your existing OEM sets, or $1190 for a complete set.

      This is from one of his Facebook posts on his page, pretty crisp scripto:

      “For the new players, if you’re after the iconic Nismo tail lights but don’t want to spend $3000 on a second hand set, then our Custom Nismo-like tail lights are a perfect well priced answer.

      We offer a Nismo conversion to your OEM set of lights that includes;
      -Restoration of housings
      -Custom built LED panels
      -Plug and play ability into OEM harness
      -Lens restoration of 20+years of minor scratches and fading

      These are practically indistinguishable from genuine Nismo’s, and at $590 (excluding shipping) come in at under a 1/3 of the price of genuine Nismo’s.

      For those who want something a bit extra, I also offer a R35 Halo conversion. These still retain the Nismo LED pattern for the brake lights, but uses diffusion rings to create a halo ring for parker lights. These come in at $790 (excluding shipping) to modify your OEM set. And as per our Nismo conversion, housings and lenses undergo a restoration and are fully plug and play.

      We also offer an LED bootlight conversion, priced at $139 (excluding shipping) to compliment our Nismo and R35 Halo conversions. A better deal can be had for packaging them together, just ask!”




      This guy literally had us at $590.

      So we removed our tail lights from our GT-R, wrapped them in foam and sent them off to Melbourne.

      And we got them back in 5 days. 

      We made no payment until the lights were ready to be returned. In this time, we were updated and sent progress pictures for our peace of mind. 

      The lights went in and it was lit

      Here are the verdicts after using the GDZ’s for three weeks.



      Anything that comes out of Nismo is excellent quality. Most tail light sets are around twenty years old!
      Unfortunately, cheaper examples we have found online tend to have some burnt-out LED’s noted in the description. However, it is to be expected with old electronics.

      GDZ Creations Replicas

      We have been running the GDZ tail lights for three weeks now and have had no issues. It is hard to compare the quality for a product that has been around for twenty years against a recent development, but the light is noticeably more luminous. It is clear to see the craftsmanship and attention-to-detail gone into the assembly and wiring of our lights. 


      Most genuine sets are around 20 years old because they are discontinued. You can see the brightness of the lights patchy and unevenly lit. 


      • 4 custom laser cut boards
      • 92 Automotive 10,000 MCD LED’s (made in the USA)
      • High quality T20 and T10 wedge adaptors (to adapt to OEM loom with no cutting)

      Resale Value

      Pricing is determined by supply and demand.

      With GDZ, the supply will always be there, unless they decide to limit their production. Buyers should expect to see their items value drop once put up for sale on the second-hand market, compared to the Nismo lights which will expectedly hold its value, and potentially continue to increase in price due to the Nismo brand name prestige and collectability.

      If you are looking to make a quick buck, or try them out and most likely break even on your modifications the Nismo route would definitely be the better option.


      Ultimately the choice of genuine vs. reproduction will vary person to person and car to car. 
      When it boils down to it, we cannot argue with quality. With such a professional finish, it is easy to see the care that went into delivering the final product. We also can’t argue with new technology – the lights are, in fact, brighter. 
      We also had a great experience dealing with Seb, who communicated with us through the whole process and completed the product on time. When it arrived, it was safely nestled in mounds of bubblewrap. Just the way we like it.

      So, is  there a true upgrade from genuine NISMO?

      The answer simply lies within your heart. If you can separate yourself from the fact these are not genuine Nismos, they are brilliant replicas. 


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      ‘Q&A with GDZ Creations owner, Seb Rodriguez


      Why did you start making custom lights?

      I’m one of those GT-R owners that only bought it because it was my dream car, not because i was wealthy.

      Spent my life savings on it, and didn’t (still don’t lol) have heaps of spare cash to throw at it.

      I wanted the Nismo tail lights, but couldn-t ever spend 3k on lights. So having a background in auto-elec stuff, I decided to see if I could just make them.

      After my first attempt which was quite successful, my fellow car mates kept telling me to make it a business, but I wasn’t interested. But after people kept on inboxing me asking me to make them some seeing the potential in it, i then started developing it and refining them to where they are now where I can produce them at a high level of quality and consistency!




      How do you compare your lights to the genuine Nismo lights?

      I would say that Nismo’s are fantastic items, I actually drew some ideas from them, mainly how the panels are mounted.

      I think the main thing is mine are brand new, while second hand Nismo sets out there could be up to 20 years old now. So, newer LED technology allows more brightness and better light dispersion, along with having warranty and local support that cant be had with second hand used items. And the main reason why I think mine are better, is pricing. At pretty much a 1/3 of the price or if modding your personal set, 1/5 or 1/6 of the price of Nismo’s there’s just not much reason to go genuine unless you want them for resale or have a thing for having everything OEM/ Nismo.

      If you want to reach out to Seb at GDZ Creations and snatch a bargain, you can find him here.