Shortly after our 1993 Supra SZ successfully landed to the USA from Sydney, our customer was unfortunately struck by the curse of the 199. Thankfully he is safe but the devil still remains trapped within the car and is being investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren in the same storage facility as the Annabelle doll. Here’s the story from the driver himself and one of our trusted associates at Japanese Vintage Cars Chicago.

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“The safety of classic Japanese sports cars: or how i learned to love seat belts(yes thats a nod to Stanley Kubrick).

One of the most frequent questions i get asked is “How safe are these cars” to which I reply now, defiantly, extremely safe.On the evening of June 10th 2019, four days after picking my new to me Supra up at The Red Hook Terminal in that dump known as New Jersey, tragedy struck. I was driving west on Touhy Ave. (IL72 west) near the north boundary of O’hare intl airport when the impact occurred. I was tired after working and returning to Chicago the night before, after a fantastic weekend in NYC, when i was cruising past a place called SkyChefs (they make the food for airlines.) I was in the far right lane (in America) which is closest to the curb and saw a black Nissan Sentra waiting for me to pass to turn east. As I am passing the black Sentra i see a white RAV4 flying out of the parking lot to go around the Sentra to turn east as well. Luckily, I wasn’t driving with my arm out the window and i had my belt on (the roof was off at the time.) I glympsed the RAV4 at the last second and in quick thinking I floored it and turned away. At that moment i remember the loudest impact ever and i started to spin, watching the world go by out the front window. I remember hearing the back right wheel spinning and losing air at the same time. It was a strange noise, like a snake hissing loud and soft repeatedly. I remember the screech of my tires when they contacted the ground since the back end left the ground when she hit. The RAV4 spun me 360 degrees and pushed my car sixty feet down the road and 4 lanes over into on coming traffic. After the car came to a stop I tried to put it in reverse and i could hear the broken axle just spinning. at that moment i didnt know where i had been hit or the severity so i put it in park and jumped out. I did a self check and I wasn’t hurt so i moved quickly to push my car out of traffic. It rolled easily to the median so then i assessed the damage. Looking at the impact marks starting on the drivers door i realized if i didn’t floor it at the last second and steer away i would probably be dead. As i assessed the damage I saw the entire drivers flank torn off the car, like a tuna can. At this moment i was amped up off adrenaline and did irrational things like take my plates off and take the targa top off in case i “didn’t see the car again”. You do weird things after an accident. After a few minutes the rush subsided and rage set in. I walked to the RAV4 and wanted to see who hit me and this girl in her mid thirties comes out of the car and laughingly said ” I am so sorry. I didnt see you”. I really wanted to knock her out. Just to see if she thought that was funny. I found out she was impatient and on the phone and “didnt see me”. I am astonished that the car held together so well when getting plowed by an suv. As a result the chassis twisted to the point that the roof no longer went on right and the hood wouldn’t close. Ultimately the car got totaled and is going to the great junkyard in the sky. Oh just like Scooby Doo we have to recap what happened to the bad guy…..well when court came around she skipped it, the judge got mad and revoked her license and cdl and set a bench warrant for her arrest. She MUST have had something important that day. Ultimately the only victim in all of this was “Crashy” the Supra. Thanks for keeping me safe!

RIP Crashy
June 6, 2019-June 10, 2019″

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