T’Rollin in a ’72 Hakosuka | Kieren Wulf


Here’s a story about how man meets car.

In 2018 Kieren was nothing more than a nineteen year old internet troll with a dream in the midst of the GT-R hype.


Growing up with a strong passion for JDM cars, he was always attracted to the unique and rarer models. Having owned multiple Silvias, Cosmos and RX7’s,  he dove into the wicked, wicked world of GT-R’s.

Influenced by builds like the ENDGME R34 GT-R, the XTREME R32 GTR and CRD’s JUN II, he initially had no idea how many $ he’d be forking out. But he fell for it.


Kieren, like many others, did what every nineteen year old would do, and joined all the GT-R Facebook groups.

He had already been in some larger GT-R congregations but found himself fluking the answers to a questionnaire in the Australian Hakosuka owners group—to which he was startled to find he had successfully infiltrated and actually been approved into the exclusive club. With the groups’ entire 20 active members having fallen for his bluff, he used it as a tool to source his own Hakosuka.


It had only been a hot minute since Kieran had been accepted into the Hakosuka group when he found a 1972 KGC-10 2000GT-X (2-door) for sale in South Australia, prompting him to add the owner of the car on Facebook. After a few months of talking to him, he gained his trust and all the intel he needed and spontaneously ended up flying to South Australia to buy THAT owners Hakosuka.

This is infiltration at it’s finest.


“I bought it cause I bought and sold cars for years and wanted something I’d be happy with as buying and selling cars all the time is annoying as well as people being time wasters, so what’s a better way to leave the buying and selling world with something that’s not only going to hold in value or go up but is also rare. Everyone always buys R32 and R34 GT-R’s and they’re cool and all but I wanted something classic – that isn’t common and is pretty much where the Skyline series begun. I have an eye for rarity and things that are hard for people to find, hence why if you know me you’d know that I’ve a fair few rare cars including Eunos Cosmos”

Today the car remains in a similar condition it was bought in—mostly stock with a few tasteful adjustments. With less than 50,000km, the GT-X is powered by a stroked L20 engine with a L28 head, and a 5-speed transmission with a Holinger gear set ratio making roughly 96KW.

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It is also currently sitting on Maddat coilovers and TE37V wheels wrapped in Nankang AR01 tyres even though in the images depicted it is on Watanabes.

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“As far as I’m aware history wise, it was purchased in Japan by an older couple, then sat in a garage for years. Was then sold to an older bloke within Japan who resprayed the car silver and sold it to the bloke I bought it off. The guy I bought it off, owned it from around 2014 and was imported with around 34,000 kms with papers and everything proving the genuine kms etc…”

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With plans to fully restore it down the track, the Hakosuka currently enjoys it’s life on the weekends at events in New South Wales to which it goes and snaps many necks. He has also entered the 2019 GT-R Festival held by Motive Video which will be on display at Sydney Dragway this Saturday with the same Hakosuka owners he fooled. Overall, Kieren’s car is a genuine, timeless beauty and we strongly recommend you check it out in all it’s rarity and show it some love.

So folks, welcome to the millennial world where everything is not what it seems! Congrats to Kieren for his persistence and invasion into such a prestigious club.

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The collection of images depicted are courtesy of, and have been captured by the talented company,  Alexander Hoy.