1997 Toyota Supra Race Car For Sale $95k USD

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Up on eBay is a 1997 Toyota Supra race car going for $95,000 USD! It has a 3L 2JZ fully balanced engine making 680HP on 17PSI of boost with a Garrett turbo, HKS cams, a 6-speed Getrag transmission and a Haltech ECU. There is no VIN number and the frame and chassis have been modified for racing. With over $150,000 invested, here are the specs🔥

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– Toyota Supra semi tubular frame
– Full roll cage; meets SCCA, FARA, NASA
– Dry sump pump
– Crower rods
– JE Pistons
– HKS waste gauge
– Tilton Clutch 3 carbon discs
– TRD rear end poxi-traction
– KONI fully adjustable coilovers
– AP racing brakes

– ATL fuel cell
– Haltech ECU
– Original TRD widebody
– CCW 3-piece modular wheels
– 3 sets of 4 additional CCW 3-piece modular wheels with tires
– 305/645-18 front; Pirelli Racing tyres
– 325/650-18 rear; Pirelli Racing tyres
– Fire extinguisher system
– Recaro racing seats