It is true when we say, they just don’t make them like this anymore.

This is Shahram’s secret weapon, a genuine Tommy Kaira R34 GT-R—1 of 11 in the universe—originally a 2001 V-Spec II R34 GT-R prior to its conversion. It was only registered to the GTRRegistry.com yesterday.

Tommykaira is one of the most recognized names in JDM tuning, known for their controversial builds, peaking in the 90s and early 2000s. They recreated vehicles – mainly Nissans; Skyline GT-R’s and Z’s – in a way that they would’ve built it themselves, even renaming and rebranding them as their own.

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Shahram’s Tommy Kaira R34 GT-R RZ is making 530HP from factory rebuild—that by the way, that is more power than the Z-tune, which makes 493HP from its factory modifications.

Under wraps, the R34 was landed by V-Spec Performance from an international listing and has been in Australia for 8 months. 1 of 2 in black, it has an extensive modification list.


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• Based off an R34 GT-R V-Spec II
• Original crankshaft made in UK
• Special H cross section connecting rod
• Special Forged 87φ Piston
• Titanium Coated Piston Ring
• High Lift Cam Shaft
• Reinforced Valve Spring
• Valve Guide
• Cylinder Head Port Polishing
• Cylinder Block Boring & Inner Surface Polishing
• Racing Spark Plugs
• Tommy Kaira Enhanced Engine Mount
• Tommy Kaira Special Turbine Kit
• Tommy Kaira R-Z Exclusive Sports Front Pipe

• Tommy Kaira R-Z Large Capacity Watercooled Oil Cooler
• High Speed Rotation N1 Water Pump
• Nismo Fuel Pump
• Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator
• ATS Carbon Clutch Kit
• Tommy Kaira R-Z Exclusive Large Capacity Injectors
• Tommy Kaira Enhanced Transmission Mount
• Tommy Kaira R-Z Dedicated ECU
• Splitfire Super Direct Ignition System
• Tommy Kaira High Capacity Intercooler
• Tommy Kaira Exhaust System
• K-Sport Radiator Cap
• Nismo Inlet Duct
• Tommy Kaira Wrinkle Painted Engine Covers/Plenum/Intake


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• Tommy Kaira R-Z Exclusive 6-Pot Front Calipers
• Tommy Kaira R-Z Exclusive 2-Piece Front Rotors
• Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses
• Tommy Kaira R-Z Exclusive Front Pillow Ball Tension Rod
• Nismo R-Tune Suspension (Overhauled by Ohlins)
• Tommy Kaira Strut Tower Bar with Master Cylinder Stopper
• Tommy Kaira Front Bumper Bar
• Tommy Kaira Front Emblem/Grill/Turn Signal
• Tommy Kaira Front Diffuser
• Tommy Kaira Rear Diffuser

• Nismo R-Tune Carbon Bonnet
• Tommy Kaira Front Blister Fender
• Tommy Kaira Side Diffuser
• Tommy Kaira Rear-Side Diffuser
• Tommy Kaira Diffuser Fins
• Ganador Aero Mirror
• Nismo GT LED Tail Lamps
• Tommy Kaira Rear GT Wing
• Tommy Kaira Front Bonnet & Rear Boot Badge
• Nissan ‘Retro’ GT-R Badge


• Tommy Kaira Digital Speedometer
• Tommy Kaira Floor Mats
• Tommy Kaira Shift Knob
• Tommy Kaira Driver & Passenger Recaro Sport Seats
• Nismo MFD Expansion Kit
• MOMO Sports Steering Wheel & Airbag

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• RAYS Volk Racing TE37 Bronze19x10.5+15
• Nitto NT05 275/30/19

We were thrilled to stumble across this car on Instagram and still can’t believe it is here on our Australian soil. Shahram plans to give the car more exposure and might make an appearance at the 2019 GT-R Festival in Sydney. Make sure you are following Shahram’s Instagram for his latest updates!